Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've been trying and trying to upload photos to blogger on ALL my blogspot accounts and NONE will work with the changes Blogger made to their photo upload program.  Does anyone know what to do and how to get around this?  I've got so many amazing recipes and photos to share that It's driving me crazy!  I'm really NOT trying to avoid blogging, promise!



  1. Sometimes I have problems too. It is usually the internet connection not being fast enough. Check your settings, delete your cookies and history, reboot, and try again. Hope that works! I also always run Malware Bytes to check and make sure there are no bigger problems.

  2. Download Windows Live Writer and do your posts from there. I've never had any issues and never liked Blogger when I was using it.
    Not sure if that really helps, computer/posting issues drive me nuts and I don't really know how to solve problems.
    I love Live Writer though.

  3. you can also link your blogger account to your email so you can just do an email and email it to your blogger, and it will be automatically be saved as a draft in you posts section. i have had to do it many times that way when blogger would not work


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