Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cookie Carnival::Chiquita Banana Breakfast Cookies

We finally remembered to bake along with the Cookie Carnival Bakers! Wahoo! My kids really wanted to make the banana cookies. So we did. They had a blast baking them, but really we didn't think they tasted all that great. They were super super crumbly, too. Oh well. The kids had fun getting messy in the kitchen with me. That's what's really important anyway...that we have FUN!


  1. I need to get back in gear with Cookie Carnival recipes as well. Sorry that they didn't go over as well with the kids! But I agree, fun in the kitchen may be just as important =)

  2. I wonder why they were crumbly...that is a bummer :( I love to cook with my girls, too :)


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