Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TWD::Almond Peach Upside-Downer

For this week's Tuesdays With Dorie recipe, Sabrina of Superfluous chose Dorie's Cranberry Upside-Downer.  I love cranberries, but since it's still technically summer, I have SO many other fruits around that need using up before they go bad.  That's why I changed it up a bit and used peaches.  Freshly picked by yours truly I might add!  I also swapped out the pecans for almonds (will toast them next time for added flavor and better presentation) and used almond extract instead of the vanilla, and homemade peach jam infused with butter and a touch of vanilla pureed to give it a syrup consistency for the glaze. 

All in all, this cake was a complete HOME RUN!  No kidding! I mean, the batter itself was delicious!  Yes, I'm still one of "those" people that can't resist licking the beater.  Hey!  The taste of the batter is a great indication of how delicious or not the finished product will be..right!?  The smell of the cinnamon, peaches and almond wafted throughout the whole house and started our drooling early.  It was all I could do to be patient and take a couple of decent pictures just so I could dive right on in.  I have to say...you won't be disappointed with this one.  Not in the least....well that is if you make the changes I did.  I can't attest to the original version, but this way was pure heaven!  My husband and kids DEVOURED every last piece.  Even kept telling me how good it was while they were devouring it.  Yes.  This one will be made again.  For certain!  Especially since it was such a breeze to throw together.  5 min of mixing ingredients and you're done and 45 min of baking and you've got a finished product that tastes like you slaved for hours.  Don't mind all the butter...you deserve it.  Go make this recipe for yourself...you can thank me later.

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  1. Wow, your cake looks great and extra thick. Love the almonds, too. I used some homemade spiced peach butter. The smell was divine enough.

  2. oh my deliciousness! Now THIS is the way to eat fresh peaches! looks yummy

  3. Looks great love your blog. Check out my new food blog at http://thedailysmash101.blogspot.com

  4. your peach version looks great! i used frozen blueberries :)


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