Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TWD::Cran-Apple Crisp


First of all, thank you everyone for all your well-wishes. I'm not 100% yet, but my tastebuds almost are. I've been sick for the past month and just went back to the Dr. today because I'm STILL not feeling in tip top shape. Verdict: Persistent Bronchitis. Well, Duh! I could've told him that! At least he did give me two medications that should hopefully knock this gunk out of my system for good this time...crossing my fingers. I just hope that I've done my time with illnesses this winter and can be healthy for the rest of it. Well, I can be a little bit hopefuly, right!?

So, now that I'm somewhat on the mend, I decided to bake my family a treat. They've been dying for some baked yummy goodness to come from our kitchen again and I thought the best way to start that out would be with this Cran-Apple Crisp.


This crisp is seriously so delicious! I used five small apples instead of four. Three of which were granny smiths. Did I remember that cranberries have a tendency towards tartness also while whipping this together...NO! So, we had a few bites here and there that were doubbly tart. I probably should have added a bit more sugar to counteract that. Oh well. We loved it, regardless! The coconut in the topping was a pleasant surprise, too. It added somewhat of a tropical feel while the apples and cranberries brought it down to home and balanced everything beautifully. One perfect bite of tartness and sweetness in perfect harmony! Well done, Dorie!

The best part...It's incredibly easy, too! My 5 year-old daughter wanted in on the baking action, so I let her play along with me. Being that there were only a handful of ingredients, made our "play time" much less stressful for me, too. Whew! I needed that!

I just couldn't help posting a photo of my two cuties since they were both LOVING this crisp. Though, it definitely makes it taste better when you're five and get to help in the kitchen!
If you'd like to make this crisp too, head on over to Em's blog (our host for this recipe) at The Repressed Pastry Chef . Or better yet, buy the book; Baking: from my home to yours by Dorie Greenspan! You'll love it as much as I do!
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  1. Yummmmm!!! Your "crisp" part looks like it turned out so much better than mine did! How did I ever screw that one up?! hahaha Glad you're on the mend!

  2. Thanks for posting this...I was just dreaming of an apple/cranberry crisp recipe and there you were!

    ...and thanks for putting me on your blogroll.

  3. I'm late in stopping by, but your crisp looks great. And now that it's been even another week, I hope you're feeling even better. Have a great Thanksgiving!


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