Monday, November 9, 2009

Time Out

Dear Readers,

I'm terribly sorry to not have posted anything in what feels like forever...and it's killing me!  My family was hit with the flu a few weeks ago and it's been a downhill fall ever since.  I'm now suffering with both bronchitis and a cold and neither seem to want to let up.  I'd love to be baking, cooking and posting, but since I can't taste anything I'm eating and have hardly any energy, I've decided to take a mini hiatius so I can actually get better so I don't get worse.  I hope you understand and will check back when I am all better.  I have so many recipes I want to get baking, too!!!!!

Happy Eating!


  1. Feel better soon - I'm missing your delicious creations!

  2. Bummer! Hope you get to feeling better soon. (I'm so afraid sickness is going to strike at our house, fingers crossed that it doesn't!)


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