Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cars 2 Premier!

See this adorable family photo...minus me!?  This is who supports me in all my blogging craziness.  Usually when I get to go to fun blogger events, they are left behind while I get to go play.  They totally understand, but always ask why they can't go too.  Well, this time was different!

Any Hour Services, a Utah Electrician, Heating/Air and Plumber, was providing free tickets to see the premier of Cars 2 as a FAMILY!!!  Of course we jumped right on that!  I mean, a fun blogger event where I could bring my whole family!?  Sign me up!  Not only did they provide the tickets, but they had all kinds of fun involving the kids beforehand, too!  So, if you ask me, Any Hour Services is a winner in our book.  They care about us, our WHOLE family!  I know exactly who I will be calling when in need next time!!!  Because really I hate calling anyone to fix anything because it's a hassle, but I trust them.  They sold me on their integrity and reliability...they started on time, people!  That's RARE and seriously a pet peeve of mine!  

Go visit their page on Facebook and "like" them...because you know I DO!!!

You can also find out about other fun events you could attend by going here.

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  1. HEY!! THAT'S US!! We are officially famous now ;)


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