Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grasshopper Bars- the EASY way

 This is Amy aka Little Gourmified. Lisa joined the Club Baked challenge and while I love the idea of cooking from a book along with everyone else some recipes were a little to advance for my Easy style. I L.O.V.E. mint! When I saw Chocolate Mint Thumbprint Cookies chosen by Jamie of Random Acts of Food, I immediately knew this is one I wanted to bake.  Grasshopper bars are my favorites, and I couldn't resist the challenge of finding a way to simplify and cheat this yummy dish.
I will admit this recipe looks delicious and I love Grasshopper bars (my favorite are made by the BYU Creamery well worth the drive to Provo.)
I was tempted to try this recipe as is. That is a big deal for me to not find a short cut, that is how good this recipe looks. However, I am pregnant filling in for a woman who is very pregnant. I was not prepared to spend all the time that was required for the recipe. I also couldn't find Creme De Menthe at my grocery store. I know crazy, but that sealed the deal (I don't like driving all over town for a recipe either. 1-stop-shop!) I was going to cheat this recipe so to make it easy I found the next best thing to Creme De Menthe....Mint Chips!
Another part of this recipe that I wasn't certain I could manage was the fudge topping. 
Solution: Ghriadelli Brown Mix that included the Fudge Glaze Topping! Score!!!
 Make the brownies as directed on the box. Melt Mint Chips as directed on the packaging. Add a little cream or milk to the mint to make it smoother. After pulling the brownies out of the oven pour on the Mint layer first, follow with the fudge topping. Allow to cool then move to the fridge

 This brownie was hard to come by, as soon as my family smelled and saw these brownies I had to fight to get one and take a picture before they were gone. It wasn't my first choice of brownie cut, but it was all I had there were that good!
Now this is not quite the same. Grasshopper bars mint layer is usually fluffier, but this had the same yummy flavors and was ready to enjoy in 1/2 the time. I hope you enjoy my cheating and get creative and cheat on your own sometime!

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