Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TWD::Chocolate Biscotti

 This week's Tuesday's with Dorie recipe selection comes from Jacque with Daisy Lane Cakes.  Can I just say, BRAVO Jacque!  I absolutely positively LOVED these!  I didn't make them into true biscotti, all hard and crunchy.  BUT I did a "half baked" version.  I really really enjoy my biscotti on the chewier side, more cookie-like.

Oh and did these deliver such incredible flavors!!!  The original recipe calls for espresso powder and bittersweet chocolate chunks.  Well, I don't drink coffee-type drinks so I don't have that on hand, and after baking many many of Dorie's recipes, I've discovered I don't have the love that she does of the deep dark chocolate flavor. So I opted for 1/2 c. of mini semi-sweet chips and 1/4 c. of white chocolate chips.  Also, because I omitted the espresso powder, I decided to add a splash of almond extract (only the BEST flavor on the planet!) to give it more of a chocolatey-almond oomph.

These were sheer perfection at my house.  The perfect balance of chocolate and nuts and chewy goodness.  The best part...actual prep time was about 15 min.  So incredibly EASY for such maximum output!!!
 Since I know you're going to want to see what other variations were made, here's the link to the TWD Blogroll.  You're really going to want to make this one yourself, too.  So, here's the recipe link.  She'll have it up soon...I promise!


  1. I have never tried biscotti, yours just may entice me to give it a go. It looks delicious,

  2. White chocolate chips is a great addition!

  3. I used mini chips too and still think they could have added more. I was going to dip them in white chocolate but I never got around to it.

  4. They look fantastic! I can't wait to make them again so I can try them half baked!

  5. they look amazing. great ppix!
    by the way, the link on LYL didn't work... so i typed in your blog address myself ;)

  6. Beautiful photos! I feel the same way about this biscotti...so good!!!


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