Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Harmons Tour

I was recently invited to attend a “Back of the Store Tour” for Harmon’s, a grocery store here in Utah.  For forever, Harmon's has been one of my all-time favorite stores.  Probably because I can get practically EVERYTHING there.  From the normal every day foods all the way to the bizarre, crazy stuff.  I can rely on Harmon's to help me out each and ever time!
Our tour was of their new Bangerter Crossing Store in Draper.  We also got to meet Vice President Bob Harmon, along with Culinary Education School Director, Chef Robert “Bob” Bryant.  They "wined and dined us" allowing us to try all kinds of yummy foods and hang out with some fellow bloggers.  Some of their blogs I already stalked, but was also able to meet and make some new blogging friends.
 The Draper Harmon's store has an incredible balcony area that has a large culinary education center they use for cooking schools, and a lounge area complete with WiFi and a fireplace so you can sit and relax while doing everything you need to. 
 Bob Harmon himself, took us around on our tour of the store and how Harmon's is able to make your shopping experience above and beyond that of any other grocery store.
 The specialty cheeses!!!  This was one of two of my favorite sections.  I {HEART} cheese! And with SO many to choose from, you can't go wrong.  Blue FAVORITE!  And look at all those veins!  YUM!
 There's even a special file they provide so you don't have to remember which flavor you bought that just happened to be your all-time favorite!  Brilliant!!!!
 Flavored olive oils....Can I just DIE now!

 Or are you a fan of wasabi like me?  Yes!  Well, you just HAVE to try this Raspberry Wasabi.  You will die.  It's incredible!!!
This would be my Second favorite area of Harmon's.  Their seafood is so fresh and tastes incredible you would think we were living near the ocean.  No lie.  I grew up in Seattle and can really taste the difference!  
I even showed everyone how easy it is to eat a muscle.  YUM!!!!!!

 Fresh basil, in the dirt so you can attempt growing it at home in the winter.  I tried it.  I {HEART} fresh basil.  Can I grow it.  Nope.  Anyone know a trick to keeping it alive, I'd like to know.  Thankfully, Harmon's has this on hand for Ms. Black Thumb over here.
See this crazy little gadget the produce manager is looking thru?  I can't for the life of me remember the name of it, but you look into it with a piece of fruit and it shows a certain number. Harmon's only takes produce that reaches a certain number to ensure you are getting good, ripe, juicy and delicious produce.
Figs.  Who knew these little gems tasted so AMAZING!?  I didn't. Now that I've had the opportunity to try one, I'm so so glad that I can get them by the case-full from Harmon's.  They're pretty cool like that.
Or what about this oven?  Fire grilled pizza anyone?
 Fellow food blogger friends, Nisha, Cariann, Me.   
After all the fun downstairs during our tour, we headed back up to the culinary education center and got to hang out with Chef Bob, Bob, and the girls a little more. Chef Bob made us an uh-mazing lunch! The sandwich was fantastic! Oh and the blood orange sorbetto! You must, must, must go try them. In fact, try all of the gelato. They make it themselves and have even brought everything over from Italy. Sooo good!

I love you Harmon's!  Thanks for a fun, eventful and educational day!


  1. WEll, how cool!!! I wonder when I can get some free photo equipment. What the heck.

  2. It WAS a lot of fun! It was so great to meet you in person!

  3. ohhhhh the sorbetto!! i must get some today!!!!!!


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