Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TWD::Sweet Potato Biscuits & YUMMY Lentil Soup

If you don't know already, I really HATE potatoes (unless they're seriously deep-fried). I'll admit, I do love sweet potatoes, though. I don't often do much with them at home which is sad, but whenever I go to a great steak restaurant I like order the sweet potato side instead of the potato or fries. So, when I noticed that Erin of Prudence Pennywise selected Sweet Potato Biscuits, I was ready and excited to make them.
Something else I'm willing to admit. I've never made biscuits by hand. Yes, I'm definitely a girl dependent on my appliances. BUT, for this week, I decided to TRY making them by hand just this once to see if I could really do it. Results...NOPE. I must have handled them way too long and may have even used a titch too much "dusting" flour. Even though they tasted absolutely delicious, they didn't really rise like I thought they would. Bummer. Plus, the sweet potatoes didn't mash up as finely with my fork as say, my food processor hence the chunkiness.

Overall, I would DEFINITELY make these again. They were a perfect compliment to the lentil soup I made for dinner (which was so satisfying and filling in itself...YUMM-O!). What I really liked most, was knowing that my 2 year-old son loved them and kept calling them "cookies" and was gobbling them up. Can we say, hidden nutrients!!! If you'd like to try this yummy sweet potato biscuit recipe too, visit Erin's blog HERE.


Or, you can find the recipe for the Lentil Soup right HERE.


  1. Ooh, the soup looks de-lish. And I think your biscuits do, too. I totally "cheated" and used the food processor for the flour and butter, as well as mashing my sweet potatoes.
    Don't. like. potatoes? I'm from Idaho. I take offense to that. jk!
    My kids don't seem to like potatoes, not even French fries!

  2. The sweet potato biscuits look yummy and make a perfect pairing with your soup. Looks terrific!

  3. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the soup. Lentil is one of my favorites! Those biscuits look perfect!


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