Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fresh Peach Cobbler

Peach an oven, you say!? YES! I know it goes against all that I have known a peach cobbler to be. As a youngster, I remember dutch oven cooking on campouts and the BEST EVER peach cobblers, cooked in a dutch oven. Fast forward many years and you get me, Lisa. Lover of all baked foods! And, well, while this one wasn't cooked in a dutch oven and doesn't have that special smoky touch from the charcoals, this version does rank right up there with the best!

Normally I use canned peaches because, lets face it, as a mom of two kids, it's easier. But, alas (boy do I use a lot of commas!), I'm turning over a "new leaf". I have always LOVED baking and cooking and such, but now I really want to dive right on in! So, hold onto your shorts, 'cause Gourmified fans....HERE I COME! Okay, okay, off my soap box. Back to peaches. I love getting fresh yummy produce at a great price, so as member of a produce co-op I decided this time around to get the big 27-lb box of California peaches! I had all kinds of grand-e-oso plans of what I wanted to do with this gigantic box of peaches. Canning, jams & jellies, homemade ice cream, eating, etc. Of all these, eating was the only one that took place. We LOVE peaches! I did manage to save a few to make this Peach cobbler, and I'm so glad I did! My friend Holly (a.k.a. Phe/Mom/enon) pointed me in the direction of this recipe from Epicurious. Can I just say FANTASTIC!

At Holly's suggestion, I made the topping recipe at 1 1/2 times the amount listed instead of just a single batch. The peaches were delicious, though next time I make this I'll be adding a little bit of cinnamon to the peach mix since I feel it needed just a little something more. I also sprinkled sugar on top of the dough before putting it in the oven because, really, sugar is oh so yummy and I LOVE the look it gives the finished product!

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  1. I could really go for a scoop of that cobbler for breakfast today! Yum!


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